Add Value and Living Space With a Basement Renovation

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021

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With Canadians spending more time at home, opportunities for home improvements are presenting themselves unlike ever before. Remote work and virtual learning have encouraged homeowners to turn unused space into dedicated work areas and offices, while gym closures and winter weather have made home fitness zones a top priority. With more time together and less time apart, we’re all looking for a refuge, whether that’s a spa-like bathroom to unwind or a small corner of the bedroom for... [read more]

7 Expenses Home Buyers Forget About

Friday Jan 29th, 2021

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Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make in their life – and it’s one that requires much planning and thought. Aside from saving up a down payment, building a nest egg for renovations and filling your home with new furnishings and appliances, there are other important costs to be aware of. To help you feel prepared about buying a new home, here are seven of the most forgotten expenses that catch home buyers by surprise: 1. Home... [read more]

12 Things to Look Out for When Buying an Older Home

Friday Nov 20th, 2020

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Older houses have history and character that are often hard to find in newer builds. For buyers with an eye for potential, updating an older home can be very rewarding, but it can also be expensive – especially if there are big issues or problems to correct. Here are 12 things to look out for when buying an older home: 1. Previous Renovations If a home is previously renovated, make sure that you complete a full home inspection to determine if the updates were done right and to... [read more]

How COVID-19 is Shaping What People Want from Their Homes

Tuesday Jun 23rd, 2020

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Sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic has put our living spaces under the microscope, highlighting what’s working and what’s not as we quarantine in the safety of our homes. What was once functional pre-COVID may now be impractical as we adapt to new routines, schedules, and an unusual lifestyle.  Many homeowners have used this as an opportunity to improve their spaces to adapt to their needs, while others are looking to move altogether. COVID has brought forth... [read more]

Homeownership Tips: How to Declutter Your Kitchen in Four Easy Steps

Monday Mar 2nd, 2020

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The kitchen is the heart of the home – a place where people gather, cook meals, entertain and share about their days. It’s also an area that holds many items in such a small space. It’s a hard-working zone that can go from sparkling clean to a major mess in a matter of minutes. If your kitchen is cluttered or unorganized, tidying up each day does become a tiresome chore. And, it’s understandable – with such constant use, it can feel overwhelming to keep your... [read more]