How to Choose an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA)?

Wednesday Aug 30th, 2017


If you have decided that you would like to downsize or that the time to sell the family home has come, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to find the right real estate sales representative to work for you.

And, in real estate, like any other profession, there are those who work with certain clients and have the training and expertise to serve specific niche markets. For example, some realtors choose to work specifically with first-time buyers, new Canadians, investors or move-up buyers. Then, there are agents, such as myself, who specialize in working with senior citizens.

I developed a love of working with mature adults while being the exclusive sales representative for one of Mississauga's finest retirement communities. This passion has stayed with me until now and is why I earned my ASA designation, which stands for Accredited Senior Agent. Through the professional training and education that I received while earning my ASA designation, I am able to represent mature buyers and sellers who need someone that understands their special interests beyond taxation and estate regulations.

But, if you or a senior in your life is looking to downsize, what should you look for when choosing a real estate sales representative? Here are some characteristics that make ASAs different than other realtors:

Extra help 
There are many seniors who are widowed and living alone in their family home and are unsure of the next steps. If they don’t have local relatives to help them get started, I will set-up an initial consultation to describe how the process works and will present all the options for the transition. Depending on the circumstances, it may require a few consultations to make certain that you or your loved one is informed and comfortable.

Slower pace
The home selling experience can feel very complex and overwhelming for some clients. As an ASA who is trained to work with seniors, I can ensure that the process is presented in a slower paced format, so that my clients feel comfortable and relaxed and can properly digest the information at hand without feeling pressured or rushed. 

Not everyone wants friends and family members to be privy to the details of their real estate transaction. But, for those who want others to be involved, be it for support or as a sounding board, I always welcome and encourage a loved one’s involvement.

The decision to transition to another home is huge and there are lots of housing choices and options available. Depending on your goals, you or your loved one may be searching for a townhome, bungalow or condominium. As an ASA, I present my clients with all available options, even retirement communities, assisted living or long-term care options.

Supporting professionals
The home selling process involves many supporting professionals and, as an ASA, I can suggest ones that I have worked with in the past and come highly recommended. This may include professionals, such as lawyers, inspectors, lenders, stagers, estate planners, insurance, professional organizers and financial advisors.
Want to learn more? If you or a senior in your life is in need of a caring, compassionate and patient Accredited Senior Agent, please feel free to contact me for more information. I’d be happy to schedule a free consultation and home evaluation so that you can transition into this next chapter of life with sound advice, knowledge and confidence.

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