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5 Simple Tricks to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger

Tuesday Jan 12th, 2021


Whether you live in a cozy condo on your own or a starter home with a growing family, you know the challenges that come from living in a smaller space. From bedrooms that are barely big enough to fit a bed, to living rooms that have to accommodate a dining area, a playroom and an office, fitting everything into a small space without feeling cramped isn’t easy. 

That said, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to make smaller areas of your home feel larger. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Avoid multi-functional spaces
While it may be tempting to squeeze as much function into a room, small spaces only feel smaller when they are multi-functional. For example, using a small bedroom as a guest room, office and work-out zone may seem like a good idea, but in reality, you may find that the room is too cluttered to rest, concentrate or move around. Instead, choose one function for the space and let that be your focus when decorating. You will find that your room will feel larger and you’ll get more enjoyment from it.

2. Choose appropriately sized furniture
When choosing the function of a small space, it’s important to select appropriately sized furnishings to go in it. For instance, if you have a small living room, a large six-seater sectional will swallow up your space and make it feel cramped. A standard three-seater sofa might be a better option. You can always include an ottoman or bench for extra seating and storage to get more bang for your square footage.

3. Add a mirror
Adding a mirror to a small space creates an illusion of depth, which makes the room appear larger than it is. Mirrors also bounce light, which is useful in small rooms that may not have a window. When choosing a mirror for your small space, pick one that’s large enough to make a big impact and consider selecting an interesting frame so it can act as a piece of art.

4. Take advantage of wall space
In a small room, floor space is at a premium. Keeping items off the floor gives you more space to move about and also helps your room feel larger. Take advantage of vertical wall space by installing floating shelves and built-ins to contain books and décor and consider mounting your television on the wall. If you have a green thumb, potted plants can be hung from the ceiling to add interest and colour.

5. Hang curtains at the right height
If your small space has windows, make your ceiling appear taller by hanging your curtains high above the window – at least four-to-six inches above. This trick draws the eyes up and makes your room feel larger – just be sure that your curtains are long enough that they “kiss” the floor. You can also position your rod so it’s wide enough on either side to make your windows look larger than they are. When your curtains are open, they will have enough rod space to be pushed aside to allow more light into your small space, which will make it feel larger.

Believe it or not, decorating a small space can be easy and fun! Use these tips to turn cluttered areas into functional rooms that suit your lifestyle, interests and goals. 

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