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7 Simple Tips to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Monday Sep 21st, 2020


Whether you’ve moved into a small condo or you’re selling your cozy little abode, decorating small spaces can be tricky. But with these seven helpful tips, you can make your rooms appear larger, brighter and airier than they really are.

1. Focus on a single function
Small spaces are best-suited to a single function. Instead of making an extra bedroom an office, guest room, sewing space, gym and library, choose one primary purpose and decorate accordingly.

2. Stick with a light palette
The colour white is an obvious choice when selecting paint or furnishings to brighten up a room, but sometimes it can feel too sterile. Instead, choose a soft colour palette with light pastels, greys or other cool hues to help enlarge a space.

3. Choose the right furnishings
Furnishings that are too large can make a small space looked cramped. The same is true about adding too many pieces of furniture into a room. When planning your layout, be mindful of the room's size and select furnishings with the right scale.

4. Leverage wall space 
Furniture and décor take up valuable square footage. To get pieces off the floor, use floating or built-in shelves to hold books, plants and pictures. Wall-mounted lights are also a great alternative to bulky floor lamps.

5. Hang curtains near the ceiling
To make your ceilings appear taller, hang your curtains at least four-to-six inches above the windows. Be sure to also choose full-length curtains that go right down to the floor to add extra visual height.

6. Add mirrors
Mirrors act as focal points, but they also provide an illusion of depth, which can make a room appear grander. Choose larger mirrors that have an eye-catching frame or shape to add interest to a space.

7. Cut the clutter
Clutter takes up visual space, which can make a room feel small. Get into the habit of regularly decluttering to get rid of excessive knickknacks, furnishings, art or other items that accumulate on surfaces.

Decorating a small space can be fun and easy when you follow the right tips and tricks. If you need advice on how to make your cozy home appear larger to buyers, contact me, Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative and ASA at Keller Williams Realty Associates, Brokerage, in Mississauga, Ontario.

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