Benefits of Hiring a Home Stager

Friday Apr 06th, 2018


If you’ve ever watched real estate shows on HGTV or chatted with friends and family who have recently sold a home, you likely know that home staging is all the rage. But, this isn’t just a trend or fad – staging has been proven to help people sell their homes faster and for more money. 

Its overall goal is to help prospective buyers emotionally connect with a space, hopefully leading to an offer to purchase. And home staging isn’t just for the rich and famous – it’s now the norm for homes in all price points. In fact, homeowners selling single-family homes, condos and townhouses make up the greatest percentage of those hiring home stagers. 

Unsure if hiring a home stager is for you? Here are some benefits, which you may want to consider:

Staging helps buyers visualize a space’s potential
Most people have trouble visualizing a home’s potential, whether that’s figuring out how to lay out an empty room or trying to ignore oddly arranged furniture, clutter or decor that’s not their style. The majority of home buyers can’t easily look past what’s in front of them to appreciate a room’s potential. Staging helps eliminate the buyer’s guesswork.

A staged home can hook online home hunters
Nowadays, shopping for real estate begins online with buyers viewing listings from the comfort of their couch. If your home doesn’t hook them from the online listing, chances are they won’t book a viewing or tour your open house. However, if your home is nicely staged and photographed, this can be very enticing. 

Staging puts your home’s best foot forward
Buyers decide whether they like the home or not within the first few minutes of entering the door. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression and you don’t want to squander this chance. Even if you opt to not stage your home and a buyer comes for a viewing, they may not return for another look if neighbouring listings appear more appealing. Or, if they are interested in making you an offer, they might bid less than your asking price.

Staging highlights your home’s best features
Most homes have characteristics that are selling points, like architectural details or a great view. But if these highlights aren’t actively showcased or hidden behind clutter, they could go unnoticed. Staging strips back the excess and makes the best features of your home shine, taking in special consideration to highlight the characteristics that matter most to buyers.

Your Mississauga Real Estate Sales Representative
When staging your home prior to sale, my goal is to make your living spaces feel warm, welcoming and appealing to the highest number of buyers, while also highlighting the perfect balance of function, flow and beauty in your home. Remember: buyers are looking for a place to put down roots and begin the next chapter of their lives. You are selling more than just a townhome, condo or house – you are selling the idea of living a beautiful life in your property.

Let me help you! As an experienced realtor servicing the Greater Toronto Area for many years, I’ve made great connections with some of the city’s best professional stagers that I like to refer my clients to. For more information on staging and selling your home for top dollar, please feel free to contact me for your free home evaluation. 

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