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Mississauga Home Selling: Skip These 5 Projects to Maximize Appeal and Market Value

Saturday Nov 04th, 2023


If you're considering selling your home in Mississauga, focusing on projects that enhance its appeal is essential. However, some improvements might offer a small return on investment or appeal less to potential buyers. 

Before starting your next home project, here are five tasks to skip before listing:

1. Carpeting

While carpeting may be comfortable, many buyers prefer hardwood or engineered flooring for its easy maintenance and timeless look. If you install new carpet, be aware it may provide a lesser return than hardwood.

2. Swimming Pools

Contrary to popular belief, a swimming pool may not add value to your home. Some buyers even consider it a liability. Save the pool project for a property where you plan to stay longer and enjoy the investment.

3. Home Additions

While adding an addition can enhance functionality, it may not significantly increase your home's value upon selling. If your stay is short-term, consider making the most of your existing space instead.

4. Updated Systems

Replacing essential systems like furnaces or plumbing can be overlooked and underappreciated by buyers. Unless your mechanical systems are old, inefficient, or not functioning well, focus on more tangible improvements, like bathrooms and kitchens.

5. Luxury Fixtures and Finishes

While tempting and catching to the eye, high-end fixtures and finishes may only appeal to some buyers, especially if the fixtures are trendy or in vogue. Instead, opt for quality, mid-range options that are modern, practical, and functional for a better return on investment.

Consult With a Mississauga Realtor

If you plan to list your Mississauga home for sale and need improvement guidance, contact Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative and Lifestyle55+ Affiliate with Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage, for a free home evaluation. With my extensive experience as a realtor and a keen eye, I can advise you on impactful updates and recommend trusted professionals to help you list your home quickly in the hot market.

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