Five Home Improvements to Skip When Selling

Wednesday Feb 07th, 2018


In an earlier blog post, we touched on features that buyers are looking for when purchasing a home. Those include hardwood floors, kitchens, bathrooms and income potential. However, there are some features or improvements that buyers tend to gloss over or – simply put – run away from. 

If you are thinking of selling your home, here are five projects that you can skip before listing:

While wall to wall carpeting is soft underfoot and warmer for the toes, it’s not always the most popular choice with home buyers. Many are looking for hardwood or engineered flooring instead, which is easier to clean, maintain and fits any décor. If you do install new carpet before you sell, be aware that it may not offer the same return as hardwood. 

Installing a swimming pool
Adding a swimming pool to your property does not always add value to your home. Some buyers even consider it a liability or a deal breaker. If you are thinking of selling in the short term, don’t install an expensive dream oasis in your backyard. Rather, save that money to invest in your next property where you are likely to stay longer and get more enjoyment out of the pool.

Completing an addition
Adding an addition can make a home more functional, but it doesn’t always equate to a significant increase in value when you sell. If your goal is to remain in the home for a short period time, save yourself the hassle and expense of building an addition and make do with the space you have.

Updated systems
While replacing an old furnace, air conditioner, plumbing or electrical sounds like a great idea, it’s not always a top must-have for buyers. Since these less-glamourous systems are often hidden behind walls or in utility rooms, their value tends to get overlooked compared to a new shiny bathroom or kitchen.

Luxury fixtures and finishes
When updating a home, it’s tempting to select the latest and greatest lighting fixtures, appliances, finishes and hardware, but these speciality items don’t always appeal to every buyer. They are a very personal choice. Instead, go with quality, low- to mid-range options that are modern looking, practical and functional. You’ll see a greater return than with more expensive options.

If you are thinking of listing your Mississauga home for sale, but need advice as to what improvements to do before it hits the market, please feel free to connect with me, Deborah Clerk, for a free home evaluation. With my many years of experience as a real estate sales representative, I can advise you on which updates you should consider and which ones you can skip altogether. I can even recommend trusted trades and professionals to help you get the job done on time and on budget, so you can list your home quickly while the market is still hot.

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