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Five-minute Quick Fixes to Get Your Home in Shape

Thursday Oct 24th, 2019


Your home is your biggest investment, but busy schedules often cause regular home maintenance to fall to the wayside. Whether you are listing your home for sale or are looking to get the most enjoyment from your spaces, these five five-minute quick fixes can help you maintain your investment and let your pride of ownership shine.

Set your timer and let’s get busy!

1. Lightbulbs
Burnt out lightbulbs can make a home feel dark and uninviting. Go throughout each room of your home and turn on every light fixture to see if any bulbs are burnt out. This is a great task that your kids can help with – they are excellent light switch operators! If you find any bulbs needing replacement, swap them out on the spot, then move onto the next room. Don’t forget to check your exterior lights too. 

2. Doorknobs
Doorknobs can come loose over time and become jiggly and wiggly. A quick way to fix this problem is by tightening the screws on any knobs or handles that feel loose. Your kids can help with this task too.

3. Squeaky Doors
As you are going throughout your house looking for loose doorknobs, check to see if any doors are squeaky when they open or close. A quick shot of WD-40 in the hinges will take care of any noise, but if you don’t have any on hand, you can rub some cooking oil on the hinge with a paper towel. 

4. Dripping Faucets
Worn-out washers and O-rings can cause faucets to drip, which is not only annoying but a waste of water. Go throughout your home and check to see if any faucets are leaking. If you have separate handles for hot and cold water, shut off the water to one at a time to determine which causes the drip. Once you know, make sure the water is shut off and then disassemble the faulty handle so you can replace the washer and O-ring. 

5. Furnace Filters
One of the easiest ways to maximize furnace efficiency is by replacing the furnace filter often – at least once every three months. To change the filter, just turn off your furnace and remove the service panel to swap out the old filter for the new one. You might need to consult your manual if you haven’t done this before.

Maintaining your home doesn’t have to be troublesome or hard. All you need to do is set aside time each month to take care of any nagging annoyances that are getting in the way of you enjoying your home. 

As a realtor, I always remind my clients about the importance of keeping their homes in shape to ensure their resale value down the road. To learn more, contact me, Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative and ASA at Keller Williams Realty Solutions, Brokerage, in Mississauga, Ontario.

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