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Get the Expert Advice You Need When Selling Your Mississauga Home

Wednesday Aug 17th, 2022


Homeowners aren’t always aware of what goes into selling a home. From staging and marketing to setting the right price, it takes expertise and knowledge to get a house market-ready.

Sellers who choose to list privately often regret their decision early on. Decluttering, prepping a home for sale and highlighting its best features takes time and patience. Many private sellers also feel ill-equipped to determine a price, let alone market their listing or negotiate with buyers.

The good news is that home sellers don’t have to do this alone. With the help of an experienced realtor, the home selling process is streamlined from start to finish, and there’s guidance every step of the way. 

Here are four things that a realtor will do for you when selling your home:

1. Determine the best time to list
A realtor will help you determine the best time to list your home, which is essential in ensuring sales success. Typically the spring and fall markets tend to generate more sales activity than the winter and summer. A realtor can also determine whether your local area is in a buyers’ or seller’s market, which is vital to consider when listing a home.

2. Set a competitive price
When listing your home, you must price your property at a competitive market value or risk not selling. You need to be competitive from the get-go because, most times, your first offer is your best offer. The right way to price your home is by having a real estate sales representative determine the market value of your house based on comparable sales for your area.

3. Utilize marketing tools
Marketing a home is more than just sticking a sign on the front lawn and listing the property on the MLS. A realtor will use tried and true marketing tools and techniques to give your listing maximum visibility with as many buyers as possible. This includes high-quality photos, professional virtual tours, staging, print advertisements, social media marketing and more. A well-connected realtor will also host open houses and market your listing to other real estate agents who work with buyers in your property’s price range.

4. Negotiate the best offer
Selling a home is a complex process with ongoing negotiations, paperwork and legalities that can overwhelm the average homeowner. Without a realtor in your corner, you’ll be responsible for reviewing sales contracts, writing counter offers and representing yourself from start to finish. On the other hand, a realtor is there to look out for your best interest and ensure a smooth sales experience from listing to closing and beyond. They are also trained negotiators who will use their skills and expertise to get you the best price and conditions for your home.

If you’re considering listing your home for sale, enlist the help of a realtor who will guide you every step of the way. For more about my comprehensive home selling services, please contact Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative, ASA with Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage in Mississauga, at (416) 729-4025.

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