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Complete Home Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers in Mississauga

Friday Jan 27th, 2023


A general home inspection is always advisable when buying a home, but you still may need to tap into other professionals. To help you make a sound purchase decision, read on to learn more about other home experts you should seek advice from.

Mississauga Home and Property Experts

Beyond getting a general home inspection, you should also contact these professionals for advice on any home or property you are looking to purchase:

HVAC Inspector 

Broken furnace? Inefficient air conditioner? An HVAC expert can reveal repairs that may not be visible on a walk-through and analyse upcoming maintenance and potential problems. 

Structural Engineer

Large crack? Doors won’t close? This could be a sign of expensive foundation issues. A structural engineer can help you determine the structural integrity of a home, which is a worthwhile investment that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Pest Inspector

Soft wood? Rodents in the walls? Pests and termites are unpleasant visitors and can cause severe structural damage to a home. If an inspector discovers pests in the house, the seller is usually responsible for treating the problem. 

Landscape Designer

Poor grading? Wet yard? You’ll want to get that remedied immediately – poor drainage can lead to flooding and expensive water damage. A professional landscaper advises ensuring water flows away from your home and won’t erode the property.

Septic Inspector

Soft or wet ground? This could signify a cracked or failing tank – not to mention an expensive repair. A qualified inspector can look at the septic system and give it a clean bill of health or recommend repairs for the seller to complete.

Toxic Substance Inspectors

Asbestos? Lead paint? Radon? Mould? Each toxin needs to be remedied by a specialist, or your family’s health will be at risk. Therefore, completing a toxin substance inspection before buying a home is always a good idea.


Large trees? Established roots? While they offer lovely shade and greenery, tree roots can destroy driveways and foundations, while falling limbs can damage the roof. Having an arborist complete a tree inspection can diagnose diseases or infestations and provide treatment plans to keep trees healthy. They can also identify damage and recommend steps to remediate it. 

Your Mississauga Real Estate Expert

When purchasing a house, you need to know any underlying issues before closing the deal. An experienced real estate sales representative, such as myself, can connect you with the expert advice you need before buying a home. 

For more information about home inspections or buying real estate in Mississauga, Ontario, please get in touch with me, Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative, ASA, at Keller Williams Realty, Brokerage.

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