How to Make Your Home Appear Much Bigger

Wednesday Jan 17th, 2018


For most buyers, they want a home with ample space. They especially want to know that they’re going to have room for everything (and everyone) and not grow out of their new house too quickly. That means, as a seller, you want to make sure that your home appeals to this need by appearing larger than it is. 

Here are some ways to make that happen:

Ditch the clutter
Clutter takes up visual space and turns open, airy rooms into jumbled messes. When showing your home, remove items that you don’t need from surfaces, particularly in the kitchen, and keep shelves and other areas of your home neat and tidy with minimal decoration. 

Paint the walls
Whites or neutral colours make rooms appear light and spacious. If your dining room or den is painted deep red, swap the wall colour for something less impactful, like a grey or light beige. 

Remove some furniture
Potential buyers need to be able to walk through your house without bumping into chairs and tables. To ensure a nice flow throughout your home, consider storing some furniture pieces until you move. A temporary off-site storage locker comes in very handy!

Organize closets
Before your next open house, make sure you’ve tidied your closets so that they look spacious and organized. This is a great time to pack up your out-of-season wardrobe for your upcoming move.

Clean up the garage
People want to know if they can fit a car (or two) in the garage and still have room for storage. Before you list your home, give your garage a thorough clean sweep to get rid of any items you no longer need and to make the space look as organized as possible. 

Mirrors and drapes
Hang mirrors in strategic places throughout your home and remove bulky window treatments to enhance the illusion of space.

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