Mississauga Real Estate Advice: Should I Paint My Home Before I Sell?

Wednesday Feb 14th, 2018


If you’re getting ready to list your Mississauga home for sale, you’ve likely wondered what you can do to freshen it up, so you can sell quickly and for top dollar.

The answer is simple: paint!

As a home buyer yourself, you may know how easy it is to be distracted by outdated colours, marked up walls and chipped paint when you visit open houses. Even though we’re supposed to see beyond these things, it can be hard. You don’t want buyers to feel like this in your listing – it can really hurt your home’s first impression. Instead, you want potential buyers to feel welcomed by freshly painted walls, warm interiors and bright white trim. 

But, before you head to the home renovation store to buy a few gallons of paint, be mindful of your colour choices. Avoid vibrant, bold colours in primary spaces, such as in kitchens and main living spaces, and stick to neutrals. You want to appeal to the widest group of buyers so they can envision moving in with their belongings. If you have certain rooms in your home – like kids’ rooms – that are painted in bright, cheerful colours, it’s okay to leave these spaces as is, since they are considered secondary rooms. But, as always, I’d encourage you to give these spaces some TLC by removing any wall decals or posters, decluttering surfaces and wiping down all surfaces for a fresh, clean look. 

In the end, paint is a super economical way to update your home without having to suffer through a major renovation that may not offer the same return on investment. It’s also a great DIY project that you can knock out in one weekend or you can hire a professional for quick results. 

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