Outside Care for Seniors in Mississauga

Thursday Oct 19th, 2017


In a recent blog post, I shared typical medical and safety services often offered in Mississauga retirement communities. However, there are instances when residents may need to seek care outside the scope of what a retirement home can offer, sometimes in the form of home hired care or one-on-one care.

Luckily, for seniors living in Mississauga, there's a range of outside care options. Two of the area's largest and most advanced hospitals – Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre – offer a range of outpatient programs and clinics with the referral of a physician.  

There are also many health, support and safety services available through organizations, like: 

•    Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
•    Public Health Agency of Canada Aging & Seniors
•    Region of Peel Health Services
•    Cardiac Care Network
•    Assistive Devices Program
•    Alzheimer Society of Peel
•    Canadian Mental Health Association
•    Peel Senior Link
•    Ontario Drug Benefit Program 

In cases where residents need outside care, most retirement communities will arrange for access to additional health and safety services as needed. 

Want to learn more? If you or a senior in your life needs a caring, compassionate and patient Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) in Mississauga, please feel free to contact me, Deborah Clerk, for more information. I’d be happy to schedule a free consultation and home evaluation so that you can transition into this next chapter of life with sound advice, knowledge and confidence.



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