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Retirement Communities are Still a Safe Choice for Mississauga Seniors

Friday Nov 17th, 2023


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, considerable attention has been drawn to long-term care homes where several coronavirus cases and fatalities have occurred. Unfortunately, many still consider long-term care homes the same as independent living communities; however, the two have distinct differences. 

Despite public perception and the ongoing global pandemic, retirement communities are still safe for seniors looking to lead a fulfilling, independent and supportive lifestyle. Here’s a look at some benefits offered by retirement communities:

Supportive Staff

Many seniors move into retirement communities to maintain their independence and get help with daily tasks like housekeeping, laundry and healthy meals. Access to healthcare professionals and support staff also provides excellent peace of mind for residents and families. Living in a supportive community can benefit seniors in challenging times, especially when outside care from family is limited. 

Safety Protocols

All retirement communities have stringent infection control protocols, and these procedures have become more refined as our understanding of COVID-19 has evolved. Screening of residents, staff and visitors is more robust than ever and routine cleaning and disinfection measures often go beyond government directives. Retirement communities also have strict outbreak protocols and are trained to react quickly should any virus begin to spread. Maintaining a clean and disinfected home can be challenging for seniors, but professional staff in a retirement community takes care of this.

Social Connections

The cancellation of programs, social distancing and lack of access to technology have exacerbated feelings of isolation for seniors living at home throughout the pandemic. However, when seniors choose to move into an independent living community, their social connections blossom. Residents and staff quickly become part of their daily social circle, and there are many opportunities to interact safely. Events and celebrations continue with safety precautions, and residents have many opportunities to connect while maintaining social distancing.

Reduced Exposure

Without having to worry about going to the grocery store, taking public transportation to appointments or going to busy places where the risk of community transmission is high, seniors benefit from reduced exposure when living in a retirement community during a pandemic. Many communities provide all the amenities, entertainment, healthy meals and resources seniors need, so they don’t have to seek these independently. Whether getting their hair done, enjoying a workout or spending time on hobbies, retirement communities cater to residents by offering numerous in-house amenities and services.

Even during a pandemic, Independent living in a retirement community remains a safe alternative for seniors. Moves into retirement homes are on the rise since many seniors and their families realize that the isolation created by living alone isn’t ideal.

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