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Retirement Living in Mississauga: You Have a Choice

Tuesday Jul 20th, 2021


Retirement communities in Mississauga offer seniors a huge range of choices. Whether you are looking for a smaller, more intimate community, or a larger one with more residents to socialize with, there is a retirement community to suit your individual needs.

In fact, retirement communities offer residents significant flexibility. Some offer packages which include your accommodations, meals and care, while others offer a la carte options to cover only the services you require.   

If there is something specific you desire, such as services provided in a certain language or geared towards a certain cultural group, there are a number of retirement communities in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area that cater to these needs.

Before you set out on your search to find the perfect retirement community for you or someone you love, it’s important to assess your wants and needs. Because, after all, you do have a choice. 

Here are some questions, compiled by the Ontario Retirement Communities Association, to consider: 


  • Where do you want to live?
  • Do you want to be in an urban setting or residential neighbourhood?
  • How close do you want to be to friends and family?
  • Do you want to be near public transportation?
  • Do you want to live in a specific cultural or religious community?


  • What type of suite do you need – one or two bedrooms or a unit with a den?
  • Do you want a balcony or terrace access?
  • Do you require a full kitchen or a kitchenette?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • Do you prefer a bathtub, a walk-in shower or both?


  • Do you need services provided in a specific language?
  • Do you require regular housekeeping?
  • Do you want to do your own laundry or use a laundry service?
  • What kind of medical services, if any, do you or will you require?
  • Do you need assistance with personal care?
  • Do you require in-home medical support?


  • Do you want access to cooking facilities?
  • How many meals do you require each day?
  • What kind of food do you like to eat?
  • Do you have certain dietary restrictions?
  • Do you want a rotating menu or full-service options?
  • Do you want to be able to drink alcohol with your meal?


  • Do you want outdoor space?
  • Do you want exercise facilities or in-house programs?
  • Will you use libraries, lounges or other activity rooms?
  • Do you require transportation services?
  • Do you need a parking space?


  • What kind of group activities are you looking for?
  • Do you want to go on planned group excursions?
  • Do you have any particular hobbies?
  • How active are you?


  • What can you afford? 
  • Do you want an all-inclusive option or an "a la carte" option?
  • Do you want to rent your suite or purchase?

Once you have answered the questions above, I recommend all of my clients to book a tour at each community that they are interested in and to stay for a complimentary meal. 

Some residences even offer weekly stays, which allow you to get a better feel for life in a certain community, including the accommodations, meals, activities, services and the people. 

At the end of the day, selecting the right retirement community for you or a loved one is a big decision. But, it’s a decision that comes with many choices to help you design the type of lifestyle you want to live.

Sound Advice to Guide You Home

If you are considering a move into a retirement community, please contact me, Deborah Clerk, Real Estate Sales Representative and Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) at Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage. As an ASA, I can help you downsize and sell your current home and also find the best retirement community within Mississauga to suit your need for a fabulous lifestyle.

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