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Senior Real Estate: Essential Bathroom Modifications for Aging-in-Place in Mississauga

Thursday Sep 07th, 2023


Your Mississauga home may suit your needs now, but what about in a decade or two? Many are thinking ahead and modifying their homes for aging-in-place.

The Importance of Universal Bathroom Design

Bathrooms play a pivotal role in enabling aging-in-place. They must be universally accessible, safe, efficient, and adaptable. When planning a bathroom remodel for your golden years in Mississauga, consider these four key design elements:

1. Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount, especially for aging-in-place. Factors to address include:

  • Slippery surfaces and fall risks 
  • Installing grab bars or rails 
  • Minimizing tripping hazards (e.g., bath mats, shower ledges) 
  • Preventing burn hazards from hot water 
  • Eliminating sharp edges 
  • Ensuring adequate lighting

Safeguard your bathroom by incorporating slip-resistant floors, curbless showers, safety rails, temperature controls, task lighting, and more.

2. Embrace Spaciousness

Universal bathrooms are often more spacious to cater to all abilities. Customized fixtures such as walk-in tubs, raised toilets, and vanities suit diverse needs. Additionally, a larger bathroom promotes maneuverability, vital for mobility devices.

3. Optimize Maneuverability

Designing for mobility devices requires unobstructed spaces in front of fixtures, controls, and windows. This reduces unnecessary reaching and minimizes slip and fall risks. Features like pocket doors, curbless showers, and wall-hung vanities enhance bathroom maneuverability.

4. Embrace Versatility & Adaptability

Adapting to changing needs is crucial for aging-in-place. Consider:

  • Adjustable showerheads for various height requirements
  • Pre-programmed water temperature for comfort
  • Raised toilet seats and grab bars for added support
  • Storage drawers for easy access
  • Adjustable height vanities

For Mississauga residents aiming to age in place, working with a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate provides access to funding programs and a network of specialized contractors. 

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