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From Clean to Cozy: Crafting an Irresistible Scent for Mississauga Home Buyers

Friday Sep 29th, 2023


If you're prepping your home for sale, you've probably made a list of items to tackle around the house, like decluttering your rooms, touching up paint and fixing any areas that need immediate attention. 

But, there's one crucial task that sellers sometimes forget: making sure their home has a crowd-pleasing scent.

That's right – it needs to smell nice!   

So, what exactly is a crowd-pleasing scent? Well, a home's aroma is entirely subjective; however, there are specific guidelines to follow when creating a pleasant atmosphere for prospective buyers.

Mastering the Art of Home Scents: Creating a Lasting Impression for Buyers

1. So Fresh and Clean

Cleaning your home before listing means scrubbing the nooks and crannies of your hard surfaces until they shine and washing or vacuuming any soft surfaces, such as rugs, bedding and drapes. This is a very cost-effective way to reduce unwanted odours throughout your home while introducing a clean, refreshing scent at the same time.

Tip: Opt for unscented or subtly scented cleaning products — eco-friendly and natural are excellent choices, as they don't leave a harsh chemical smell.

2. Farewell to Food Smells

Whether you're a gourmand or a skilled chef, you may not notice the odours from cooked foods in your home. But for a potential buyer, these smells are noticeable and, in some cases, offensive. As a rule, avoid cooking with aromatic ingredients for four days before a showing. If that's impossible, try simmering coffee beans in a pot on the stove to remove food smells or air out your home regularly by opening your windows. 

Tip: Make sure your spices are in sealed containers.

3. Snuff Out Pet Stink

As a dog owner, I know how special our beloved pets are. However, not all potential buyers feel this way. Before listing, you'll want to pay close attention to the odours in your carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. This is where pet smells tend to linger the most. A professional steam clean can go a long way toward making your home more appealing to buyers. 

Tip: Remove dog beds and litter boxes before a showing.

4. Fresh and Simple

When choosing a scent to permeate your home, avoid a bouquet of aromas and pick one. Essential oils like lavender, orange and lemon are fresh, calming, simple, and, most importantly, inoffensive to most noses.

Tip: Skip candles, a fire hazard, and choose a plug-in essential oil diffuser or a simple reed diffuser.

5. Choose the Right Scent

This last point also relates to choosing a scent. When selecting an aroma, make sure it's appropriate for your home's general environment and aesthetic. For example, cedar is a great way to enhance the cozy ambiance if you live in a house with rustic wood details. Likewise, if your home features sleek contemporary details, choose something light and fresh, like citrus.

Tip: Avoid overly perfumey scents, which tend to overpower sensitive noses. 

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