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Why I Became a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and How I Help Seniors in Mississauga

Thursday Apr 27th, 2023


As a Realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage, in Mississauga, Ontario, I have always been passionate about helping seniors navigate the real estate market. That's why I became a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, a new and improved version of the previously known Accredited Senior Agent designation. 

In this post, I'll explain why this change was made and how I can assist seniors and their loved ones in Mississauga with their real estate needs.

What is a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate?

A Lifestyle55+ Affiliate is a real estate professional working with seniors and their families. This designation is awarded to agents who have completed a rigorous training program covering retirement planning, estate planning, downsizing, and navigating the unique needs of the 55+ demographic.

Why the Change from Accredited Senior Agent to Lifestyle55+ Affiliate?

The Accredited Senior Agent designation was created over a decade ago to provide seniors with a trusted resource in the real estate industry. However, over time it became apparent that the term "senior" had negative connotations for many people. Many baby boomers are not ready to be called seniors and still have active lifestyles. As a result, the term Lifestyle55+ Affiliate was introduced to better reflect the demographic and the lifestyle they lead.

How I Help Seniors in Mississauga

As a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, I aim to help seniors and their loved ones make informed decisions about their real estate needs. So whether you're looking to downsize, move to a more accessible home or want to explore your options, I can assist you every step of the way. Here are some of the ways I can help:

Retirement Planning

One of the most significant challenges seniors face is planning for retirement. I can help you assess your current financial situation, explore your options for downsizing and help you prepare for your future.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential part of preparing for the future. As a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, I can provide the resources and guidance you need to create an estate plan that reflects your wishes and protects your assets.

Downsizing and Rightsizing

Downsizing and rightsizing can be daunting, but they are often necessary for seniors who want to simplify their lives or move into a more manageable residence. I can help you navigate this process, from finding a new home that meets your needs to coordinating the logistics of your move.

Accessible Homes

As we age, our homes may no longer be as accessible as they once were. If you're looking for a home that is easier to navigate or has features that will make your life easier, I can help you find the perfect property for your needs.

Seniors Housing Options

Many senior housing options are available, from independent living communities to assisted living facilities. I can help you explore these options and find the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

Support for Caregivers and Loved Ones

Finally, I understand that real estate decisions can be emotional and complex for seniors and their loved ones. That's why I support caregivers and loved ones, helping them navigate the process and ensure that their loved ones are well cared for.

Deborah Clerk – Your Mississauga Lifestyle55+ Affiliate

As a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, I am committed to helping seniors in Mississauga navigate the real estate market confidently and efficiently. Whether planning for retirement, downsizing or simply exploring your options, I am here to help you.

To learn more, contact Deborah Clerk at Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage, in Mississauga, Ontario, to schedule an appointment.

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