How Much House Can You Really Afford in Mississauga?

Thursday Sep 1st, 2022

A person holding a smartphone calculator in their left hand while reviewing paperwork in a file folder

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage might seem like a logical first step if you are ready to put your renting days behind you or if it’s time to fly the family nest. And it is – but it also comes with an additional consideration that excited first-time buyers can forget: knowing just how much they can afford. You may think, “I know how much I can afford because my mortgage advisor pre-approved me for $625,000.” And that is correct, somewhat. During the pre-approval... [read more]

Stop Renting and Start Buying in Mississauga

Wednesday Aug 10th, 2022

Two grow-ups and a child hanging a picture in a new apartment

As a potential new homeowner, it can be overwhelming to figure out if you should stop renting and buy a new home. If you've reached this crossroads, here are five reasons you should consider buying real estate. Home Equity When you are a tenant, your monthly rent payment goes towards the landlord's mortgage and helps them build equity – not you. Home equity is the difference between your home's value and mortgage balance, so the more you pay towards the loan, the more... [read more]

House Hunting Without a Realtor in Mississauga? What You Need to Think About

Thursday Jul 21st, 2022

A woman using her mobile phone to search for real estate listings

Suppose you are a first-time home buyer, a downsizer or a move-up buyer, the thought of working without a realtor to find your next home may have crossed your mind. Perhaps you had a negative experience in the past, or you feel well-equipped to manage the house hunting process on your own? Regardless, searching for a property without a real estate sales representative may not be in your best interest. For starters, purchasing a home is a big deal – and, in some cases, it may represent... [read more]

Benefits of Working with a Local Realtor in Mississauga

Wednesday Jul 27th, 2022

A modern living room with light-coloured furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows

If you were to ask around for referrals for a great realtor, chances are your friends and family will have a few contacts to share. And while referrals are always comforting and reassuring, other factors must be considered when choosing the right real estate sales representative for your buying and selling needs. Location specialization is one of them.  Whether you are looking to find a home in a specific neighbourhood or are listing your property in a competitive market, having a local... [read more]

5 Smart Strategies for Home Buyers in Mississauga

Friday Apr 22nd, 2022

A woman and a man sitting with a girl and boy between them

Whether you are buying your first home or your fifth, the house hunting experience can be exhilarating and full of possibilities but also overwhelming. Before you start driving around aimlessly from one open house to the next, consider these five house hunting tips first: 1. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage Getting pre-approved for a home loan is one of the best things to do before putting in an offer, especially when in competition. Not only does it show the home sellers that you are... [read more]