Home Selling Advice: 12 Home Staging Tips to Remember

Wednesday Aug 30th, 2017


I’m sure you’ve heard this before – when you are selling your home, it’s all about first impressions. And, just like a book, home buyers are going to judge your home by its cover – both in-person and online. 

One of the best ways to combat this reality is by investing some time and energy into staging your home. Of course, you can hire a professional to get the job done, but most homeowners are eager to tackle this on their own using the pieces that they already have. All it takes is some creativity and a critical eye with the goal to make potential buyers feel like they could live in your home.

To get you started, here are 12 helpful styling tips to get your home in prime showing shape:

1.    Clear out your cupboards, closets and clutter. 

2.    Focus on highlighting the most visible areas in your home (kitchen, living room, master suite, family room, etc.).

3.    Remove personal items in your home, like family photos and souvenirs.

4.    Put away large items, such as porcelains, plates and vases, to create more space.

5.    In the summer, water your grass and garden 30 minutes before an open house, as this will make your lawn sparkle.

6.    Do not cook anything that will leave an odour in your home (fish, garlic, etc.).

7.    Set the dining room table with attractive linens and dishes for a welcoming ambience.

8.    Neatly arrange fresh flowers throughout your home.

9.    Use mirrors to help smaller rooms look more open.

10.    Use as much natural light as possible by opening your curtains and blinds.

11.    Make small repairs to leaky faucets and squeaking doors.

12.    Bring another set of eyes to help you catch something you may have overlooked.

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