Overview of facts about retirement homes in Canada

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Facts about Retirement Homes in Canada

Canada offers some of the best retirement homes in the world. Here are some quick facts and answers to frequently asked questions about these homes.

Immediately, there is a list of things to think about if you are looking at retirement homes near you:

  • What amenities does it offer ?
  • Are there diverse recreational programs? Do they suit my interests?
  • What are the home's emergency procedures? Is the home safe?
  • Is there a visiting physician and dental service?
  • Is round the clock on-site nursing available?
  • What does a suite include? Does it have climate control? A kitchenette or a kitchen? A private bathroom?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • What are some of the building's luxuries (i.e. personal laundry, scheduled transportation, a concierge)?

If local retirement homes don't have what you like, keep looking!

Some other quick answers to questions seniors might have are as follows:

How much do retirement homes cost?

The answer to this question depends on numerous factors, including location and the quality of the home itself. However, according to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, in 2011, the average costs of retirement homes in Canada ranged from $1909 to $3530. Non-profit retirement residences will often provide low-income seniors with subsidies to make retirement living affordable.

Who can live in a seniors home?

It depends on the type of home in which you want to live. Usually, the youngest age at which you may live in a seniors home is 50 (see active adult living). However, there is no age of eligibility per se, to decide if you are eligible to live in a retirement home. You need only apply to homes that interest you. Any applicant may have to undergo a medical examination prior to acceptance.

When you move to a retirement home, you will almost certainly have to downsize your possessions. But, many homes will allow you to bring important items and, in many cases, pets with you!

Trends in retirement homes

  • Living spaces tend to be larger than they have ever been; companies usually do not build shared rooms anymore.
  • Retirement homes have increased their diversity of planned programs and activities. Most notably, a lot of homes now focus on keeping your mind active through brain games to avoid memory deterioration.
  • Many seniors homes now cater to special diets, like vegetarianism.

How are retirement homes regulated?

  • We offer a full list of regulation and accreditation associations in Canada.
  • In addition, in many Canadian provinces, retirement homes fall under landlord tenant laws. For example, in Ontario, the Tenant Protection Act requires a written tenancy agreement for each resident. Your accommodation rate will be subject to rent control, which usually accounts for the given economic climate.
  • Seniors homes are subject to public health regulations, as well as fire and building codes; some jurisdictions have municipal bylaws that pertain to operation of a retirement residence.

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