Six Tips for How to Talk to Your Parents About Retirement Living

Tuesday Aug 29th, 2017


Talking to your parents about their senior living options can be difficult. It’s uncharted territory for most families and a topic of discussion that can feel uncomfortable and uneasy. 

In fact, a recent Ipsos-Reid poll showed that only 36% of those people with parents or in-laws have discussed retirement living options. This shouldn’t be such a taboo subject, but, unfortunately, it is. 

Here are six tips that you should consider before discussing retirement living options with your parents:

1.    Don’t wait for a crisis to occur before talking with your parents. Rather, try to anticipate future problems and talk with your parents when they can still take an active role in the discussion.

2.    Make sure the trusted family and friends involved in the conversation are the ones who will be helping to implement the next steps of your discussion.

3.    Before talking with your parents, do some research to:

•    Find out what your parents’ needs are on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
•    Learn what their financial situation is
•    Shortlist communities that will meet those two needs

4.    Listen to your parents and involve them in the discussion. Have them weigh in on what it is that they want for this next phase of their life.

5.    Be kind, caring and respectful. Remember that you’re partnering with your parents, not parenting them.

6.    Make a visit to four or five communities with your parents. Let them experience retirement living first hand. Most communities invite prospective residents to enjoy a meal or even stay for up to a week.

Here is a short video from Comfort Life TV, which offers more helpful advice and simple tips to help you talk with your aging parents about retirement living options:

If you need help or advice talking to your parents about senior living options within Southern Ontario, including Mississauga and the Great Toronto Area (GTA), consider speaking with an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA), such as myself, to help guide you through the process.

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