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Six Ways an Accredited Senior Agent Can Help

Saturday Apr 30th, 2016


Your next move should be full of joy and anticipation of the next phase of your life. But, for some seniors, a late-in-life transition is filled with stress, emotional turmoil and negative feelings because they are being forced into a decision or are overwhelmed by the options.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

In fact, mature adults have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing senior housing options in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. By working with an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA), you and your family can work together to plan your next move in advance, and make a sound decision that you are happy, comfortable and excited about.

Here are six ways that an ASA, such as myself, can help:

1.    Have a conversation with you
By investing just an hour of your time in a chat with an ASA, you’ll be surprised at some of the things you haven’t thought of when it comes to your future move.

2.    Research your options in future housing
From Active Adult Lifestyle Communities to retirement home living, to extended care facilities and beyond, an ASA will present you with a summary of all of your options.

3.    Help you “age in place”
If you want to stay in your home, an ASA is on top of the various funding programs available to help you “age in place”. We also have a number of contractors in our network who specialize in renovations to help seniors stay in their home longer.

4.    Explain all financial implications
An ASA also has connections with experts in the financial industry who understand the implications of staying in your home versus other options. Although staying in your home is quite possibly what you want to do, you need to investigate if doing so is going to allow you to live the lifestyle that you want to live going forwards.

5.    Help you decide if you should stay or move
If you’re not sure if you should stay in your current home or look to move, an ASA can help you discover the pros and cons of “aging in place” or making a move.

6.    Open the lines of communication
Perhaps one of the best ways an ASA can help is by facilitating a conversation between yourself and your adult children. So many families are intimidated by the thought of this conversation that it gets put off time and time again. 

There are more ways that an Accredited Senior Agent is trained to help you and your family remove the stress and upset that is too-often associated with this time of your life. 

To learn more, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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